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FAQ:  General 

What is a DPC?

A DPC is a model of practicing medicine in which your provider is able to treat you directly; without the restrictions imposed by insurance companies.

Do you bill insurance?

No.  Eliminating insurance billing is how we can can offer all the value added services at such an affordable membership fee and spend the amount of time needed with each member.  It is in this model we can do what is best for you.

Is the membership insurance?

No, it is not insurance.  There is no deductibles or co-pays and is not all structured like insurance.

Why would I pay “extra” if I have insurance?

We think of our services as an alternative, independent way to provide you with better primary care. 


Most members actually save money when combining Nicc’s services with a high-deductible health insurance plan or a medical cost sharing plan.


Is a membership required? Can I pay for visits without becoming a member?

Membership is required.  Our goal is to keep things simple and consistent for all our patients and therefore cannot provide visits or care outside Nicc’s membership.


You are always welcome to stop by and check out the clinic, meet the staff before joining.  We will do our best to answer all your questions.


Are there contracts or commitments?  Can I cancel my membership?

Members are not required to sign any contracts for a certain period of time.  Rather memberships are ongoing but must be paid ongoing in order to maintain service with us. 


The first month’s membership and registration fee is paid in advance and are non-refundable. 


If for any reason you wish to cancel and have a prepaid balance beyond the month you wish to cancel (example paying quarterly, etc) the prepaid months will be refunded.

What if I want to rejoin at a later date?

You may rejoin, but members will be charged a re-enrollment fee of $175.00 per member before restarting a membership.


Can I join if I have existing medical conditions?

Yes.  Nicc’s memberships are not based or restricted by existing medical conditions or problems.

What if I healthy and rarely need a doctor?

That is awesome!! It is our goal to keep members healthy and avoid lots of “medical” care.  At Nicc’s we dedicate time to prevention and healthy lifestyles to keep you from incurring expensive and frustrating experiences. 


But when you do need care, your provider is available 24/7 through multiple avenues to get you “well” and back on track,  avoiding those expensive trips to the ER or urgent care.


How long will I have with my provider? 

You can expect up to 45 minutes with your provider.  This is one of the most exciting differences of a Direct Primary Care model; you should never feel rushed. 

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