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Do I need insurance?

NICC's DPC is not insurance.  By joining our clinic you will get all of your primary care services without using insurance.  However, you still need to carry insurance or be a member of a medical cost-sharing group that will cover any catastrophic events like hospital stays, ER visits, emergency medical transport, extensive imaging, etc.

Why Should I Pay for a NICC's Membership When I have Insurance?

Even if you have medical insurance coverage, you've likely been frustrated by long wait times to see a provider, not having consistency with which provider you see, and the deductibles that you still have to pay with each visit.  By joining NICC's you will be able to have access to your provider, no hidden costs, no surprise bills, and quality care with a provider that you know. 

*We are not insurance providers and cannot advise which insurance you need to carry- Please consult an insurance provider to discuss your options.

High Deductable Insurance Plans

High deductibles plans are typically cheaper than traditional insurance plans and are paired with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that help cover that higher deductible.  This still gives you coverage if you need surgery or a hospital stay, but is more affordable month to month.  Contact your HSA company to see if you can use HSA funds to pay for your NICC's membership! 

Cost-Sharing Plans

Cost Sharing Plans have coverage for catastrophic medical expenses after meeting an out of pocket expense amount.  Many offer discounts for DPC clinics, so make sure you ask about your options!  Check out some plans below:


Christian Health Care Ministries

Liberty Healthshare

Oregon Health Plan

Even if you have coverage through Oregon Health Plan (OHP), a membership with NICC's can ensure you have access to a provider who knows you and your health goals!  Your OHP with be billed for any services outside of our clinic- labs, imaging, and those catastrophic events.   


It's probably no secret to you that many offices don't accept medicare patients.  By joining NICC's you will have access to the care that you need when you need it!  Medicare requires prior authorization for many services billed through them, and once you're on medicare ALL services must go through them, unless you find a provider that is not contracted with Medicare. At NICC's, our providers are not contracted with Medicare so you and your provider can make medical decisions without Medicare's approval.  We can still send orders and prior authorization for services outside of our clinic- like imaging and labs.  Medicare would also provide you with Catastrophic coverage. 

Military Coverage

At NICC's we would be honored to provide quality service to our military families.  A membership with NICC's would ensure access to care so that you and your families can stay healthy and on mission.  The month to month billing system would ensure that you and your family don't have a lapse in care when you get transferred to Kingsley Field.  Any services outside of our clinic would be billed through Tricare including labs, imaging, hospital stays, etc. 

Get in Touch

Contact us so that we can discuss how NICC's can serve you! 

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