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Monthly Membership Fee

By charging a monthly membership fee we are able to offer you quality, personalized primary care.  You and your provider will decide on the best plan of care for you and your family, not your insurance company.    

Prior to becoming a member at NICC's we will have you come do a "meet and greet" visit with the provider to ensure that we will be a good fit for your needs.  This is a free visit and will occur prior to any charges from NICC's.

 Enrollment Fee
Enrollment Fee: $100.00 per Household
This is a non-refundable, one-time fee 

Monthly Membership Fees

Individual Plans

Independent Youth (Age 18 - 25)

$55.00/ month

Adults (Age 26 - 65)

$75.00/ month

Seniors (Age 66+)

$86.00/ month

Family Plans

1 Adult, 1 Child (under age 26) 

$91.00/ month

2 Adults, 2 Children (under age 26)

$172.00/ month

Additional Children (Under age 26)

$18.00 each/ month

Quarterly & Yearly Payment Options Available Upon Request

Ask us about our premium plan with TytoCare©
Additional $50/month per household

Re-enrollment Fee
If you wish to rejoin you will be charged a one time, non refundable fee of:

Additional Services, Pricing & Fees

At NICC's we are committed to price transparency.  If you need a service that is not covered within your monthly membership fee you will be notified of the price prior to recieving the service.

Image by Mykenzie Johnson


Kenalog Joint Injections

$35.00 per cc

Ingrown Toenail Removal


Laceration Repair

  With Dermabond, Sutures, Staples, or Micro-mend


Scheduled Monthly Injections


Cryo Lesion/ Mole Removal

No Additional Charge

Ear Irrigation/ Cleaning

No Additional Charge


Image by Christina Victoria Craft

Medications/ Supplies


We carry a variety of splints 



We carry a selection of supplements in office for discounted prices- ask about them at your next visit! 

Prescription Medications

Coming soon!



During Business Hours

Walk in Office Visit: $25.00

*House Calls: $75.00


After Hour Visits

Office Visit: $100.00

*House Calls: $100.00

No-Show Fee


Annual Physical

No Additional Charge

Sports Physical

No Additional Charge

*House calls can be made with approval from the provider.  Will Travel up to 10 miles out of Klamath Falls or 10 miles out of Chiloquin

Do you have questions?

Email or call us with any questions you have.  We would be happy to clarify what is included in your membership and what membership would best fit you and your family.  

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